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I was born on September 25th 1986, in south of Italy, in Puglia.
There… where time passes slowly, there… where the smell of food can be felt down the streets at any time of day, there… where “the sea sparkles and the wind blows strong” -as Lucio Dalla would say-…I was born in a quiet country, maybe too much quiet.

I was 14 and I had never heard about any form of “art”.
One night I went to a cinema/theatre in my town and I saw for the first time a theatre performance and has been like a…”love at first sight”.

That’s what I wanted to do in my life!

My family has always been very hostile to any art form and therefore to my life.
More hostile they where, more this passion grew in me ,and so at the age 14 I enrolled to my first drama class.

After graduation, I “emigrated” to Rome searching for “luck” and I stayed there for 10 years, working as an actress for theater companies but also doing every kind of job to survive in the expensive roman life.

But one day I decided to change my life.

I read a story about a trip: ” If you were going on a long trip what would you take with you in a your backpack?”.
I’ve thought long about it.
So I decided to drop every thing: many small jobs that gave me security, the house I lived in, I gave away everything I had (clothes, objects, furniture) and I left with a backpack and a suitcase for one destination: China.
For three years I visited China, Thailand, Egypt, Israel,Turkey and different countries in Europe: I visited more countries in three years than in all my life.

In a suitcase I put everything to be able to work and to finance my trip: some Puppets and small amplification for performing shows in the street or wherever was available.
I decided to abandon everything and start a new life…this time I had to start by myself.

From here the project of a puppet that looked like me, my alter-ego.
It was from me that I had to restart.

And so it was

From here my sweet Nina born.

Travelling taught me so much, I learned to look insider myself,I realized that freedom costs dearly and that my happiness depends on my courage.
And for this job,for this life…courage is needed…

…and it takes a lot.

Education and Work Experience

I studied acting/drama class with differents masters: Pasquale D’Attoma Fanizzi, Damiano Nirchio, Paolo Panaro, Lello Tedeschi,Antonio Minelli, Emmanuele Gallot-Lavallee, Ippolito Chiarello, Cristina Pezzoli, Massimiliano Civica, Veronica Cruciani, Maricla Boggio, Guglielmo Rossini (phonetic), Domenico Lannutti (comic theater), Neville Tranter (puppet manipulation), Laura Kibel (puppet costruction).

In 2011 I studied puppet theater school at “Casa di Pulcinella” in Bari direct by Paolo Comentale.

Since I was 14 I work in a narrative theater and puppet theater as professional actress and puppeteer.

I’m a puppet maker.

Since 2019 I perform with my show “Mettici il cuore“(Put your heart into in) in festivals and theatres in the world.

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