METTICI IL CUORE (Put your heart into it)

Puppets show and objects manipulation

 performed by Pamela Mastrorosa

Directed by: Pamela Mastrorosa and Franco di Berardino


Without words, only looks and smiles.

So the protagonist of the play decides to approaches to the public working on essence and simplicity.

Into a box of memories, the protagonist finds objects: dolls, clothes, books, toys and she transform them, giving them life, in funny and poetic characters.

“Mettici il cuore” is a show that wants to arrive to the spectator heart leading him to smiling, dreaming,getting excited, reflecting and wondering in front of the simplicity of simple things.

This work is in memory of my dad.

Technical notes

  • Duration: 30 min (street festival) - 45 min (theatre)

  • Text: no text/only visual

  • Audience: +3 years

  • The show is suitable for an audience of children and adults and fits outdoors and indoors.

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